Lifting Beam Improves Industry

Its unique design increases the safety of the load handlers as well as reducing damage to the building and the loads being lifted. Its remote control allows both ground crews and load handlers to make small adjustments thus enabling precise placement of heavy loads.

The lifting beam works on the principal of an internal counterweight that is hydraulically adjusted by the tradesman handling the equipment. When held by a crane, the arm can be moved in all three dimensions. There is no need for external platforms or scaffolding.

For many construction projects, there is often a need to place materials and heavy equipment in a particular location without the aid of an attached loading platform.

Selby's Arm is successfully employed at numerous construction sites, with various lifting beam models available that accommodate weight capacities of 6,000 and 8,000 lbs.


To request a commercial quote for purchase or lease of the Selbys Arm lifting beam, please contact Jerry Alexander.